Girls soccer wins substate quarterfinal

The girls soccer team defeats Davenport Central on May 20 to survive the first round of the postseason.


Krisha Kapoor

Paz Martinez ’25 looks to boot the ball down the field.

Krisha Kapoor, Print Co-Editor-In-Chief

After a tough loss against Xavier on May 17, the girls soccer team was looking for good news for their first postseason game. The Davenport Central Blue Devils could not slow the Trojans down on offense, and the Trojans pulled away with a 1-0 win. 

The Trojans started strong and pushed the ball on offense. Just 17 minutes into the game, senior Jada Dachtler got loose on a breakaway with a good look at the net, but she tapped the ball to freshman Paz Martinez for an even better look. Martinez put the ball in the net to give the Trojans an early lead of 1-0. 

The Trojans continued to have on-target looks through the first half, but the Blue Devil Goalkeeper Addisen Ford ’23 could stop them from getting in the net. 

At the end of the first half, Davenport Central got the Trojan defense out of position and found an opening on offense. However, Anna Verry ’22 hustled on defense and had the clearance to keep the lead going into the half. 

As the sunset during the second half, a slight breeze hit the pitch, but the chill didn’t defer the Trojans’ drive. 

Emma Potthoff ’25 and Kenadee Showalter ’22 continued to push the ball on offense to tire the Blue Devils out. Additionally, sophomore Aly Skala got some stops on defense.

The Trojans stayed strong on both ends for the majority of the second half, but goalkeeper Raina Pfeifer ’22 finished the job for them. With just four minutes left in the game, Pfeifer had a huge save in a crowded box of Blue Devils, but that was just the beginning. Soon after, with two minutes left, Davenport Central had a clear shot at the goal, and Pfeifer punched the ball away with one hand to save the Trojans. The Trojans won 1-0. 

The Trojans will play in a substate semifinal game on May 24 against Pleasant Valley.