Top five ice cream places to try before winter

Quick! The winter months are approaching fast which means the peak of ice cream season is almost over. Here are our recommendations for the best ice cream in town.

Summer’s almost come to an end, which means the peak time to enjoy a frozen treat is dwindling. If you’re looking for spots to find the best ice cream before summer’s over, these are the places for you. We visited some local shops that were recommended by West High students and came up with the top 5 best ice cream places in the Iowa City area. 


Heyns is a local ice cream shop you need to visit! (Tessa Gibson)

Heyn’s is a local ice cream place you can find in either Iowa City or North Liberty. They offer a great array of ice cream flavors and in addition, the customers and employees come together to create a great lively atmosphere. One of the most common recommended flavors is the monster mash. The mixture of peanut butter, cookie dough, and M&M’s is salivating. If you’re looking for an ice-cream-tastic time this is the place for you! 

Coldstone Creamery:

Cold stone offers amazing ice cream and as well as an amazing smell. (Tessa Gibson)

Coldstone is a classic ice cream store, with a large selection of flavors. If you’re a fan of New York-style cheesecake make sure to grab the cheesecake ice cream. It’s one that employees and customers recommended. Even if you just go for the wonderful smell of the shop it’ll be worth it!

Dane’s Dairy:

Late summer nights at Dane’s Dairy can’t be beat (Defne Bayman )

Dane’s is a family-owned business right off of Highway One that is open all summer. They’re the most local a shop could possibly be. Their dairy farm is visible across the field from their shop and the owner even graduated from West High! It has a walk-up window and drive-through for you to purchase from their wide variety of flavors. Dane’s most popular flavor is their blackberry flavor and their swirled ice cream treats called twisters. Their friendly workers and cute outside seating make it the perfect place for a late summer treat. 

Dairy Queen:

Dairy Queen has recently begun offering their fall flavors!

Dairy Queen is an age-old, iconic, Midwestern ice cream shop. It’s always a solid choice to buy ice cream! It has everything from blizzards, to sundaes, to cones, and many more. One of the recommended fall flavors was pumpkin pie, and boy was it good! The small bits of pie crust paired with the smooth pumpkin-flavored ice cream were delightful! If you’re craving some delicious ice cream this is a great place to visit. 


Jules Keranen '24 waiting for their fresh Culver's custard
Eleanor Weitz

Although Culver’s may be a chain, their ice cream is very unique. For one thing, it isn’t ice cream! Culvers serves frozen custard in what they call “concrete mixers” and they are amazingly good. They also value their ice cream so much that they have a special flavor of ice cream every day of the month. The Culver’s atmosphere feels very homey because of its old-style seating area and friendly workers. It’s definitely a place that should be added to your list. Another plus is that it’s open all year round for all the winter ice cream lovers.