Road to Nationals: Dance team takes on UDA regionals

West High’s dance team competed in regionals in Minneapolis this past weekend.

Paige Albright, Managing Co-Editor, Podcast Editor

The West High dance team competed this past weekend at the Universal Dance Association (UDA) Regionals held in the Mall of America. As the team had already qualified for UDA Nationals this past summer at training camp, they used this competition to see how they compare to teams they will see again in a month at nationals.

Along with competing against out-of-state teams for the first time this season, they also faced a new challenge, a very unique competition venue. As the stage was set up in the rotunda of the mall, or in other words, a larger circle of open space where escalators crossed overhead, giving the four levels of the mall a bird’s eye view of the competition floor. The teams had to warm up in the back spaces of the Nickelodeon adventure park housed in the mall.

Even with these new obstacles, the team rose to the challenge and set themselves up for nationals as a team to beat.


The team placed third in the small varsity jazz division and second in small varsity pom.

The team will be leaving for UDA Nationals the first week of February, competing at the ESPN World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World in Florida. You will be able to stream their performances at nationals on, the West High Dance Team Instagram page will hold more details.