West High dance team starts their road to state

The West High Dance Team has competed twice in October, these competitions are in preparation for the state dance team championships in December.

Paige Albright, Managing Co-Editor, Podcast Editor

Liberty’s “Be a Light” competition on Oct. 15.

As the team only showcased their lyrical team routine they did not receive placement at the Be A Light competition. 

Solos: Only the top placements for solos were announced, West High took home many top-finishing solo awards. 

Kayla Cariens ’26  placed third in the Freshman division.

MD Gross ’25  placed third in the Sophomore division.

Taylor Stevens ’24 took second while Isabelle Kafer ’24 took home first in the Junior division.

Paige Albright ’23 placed fourth in the senior division.


West High’s home “Wild West Competition” on Oct. 22.

As West High hosted this competition they were only able to formally “showcase” their routines; they received scores from the judges, but were not “placed”. The scores for their Lyrical and Pom routines would have placed them first in both categories. The team had twelve team members showcase their solos at the competition. 

Solos: Again, soloists were not able to compete. However, their scores were released, placement can be assumed once scores are compared to their competitors.

West High’s freshman soloists Kayla Cariens ’26 and Kesly Wilkinson ’26 would have placed fifth and sixth respectively.

MD Gross ’25 received a score that would have put her in third, Ava Moore ’25 would have placed fourth, Averi Bartlett ’25 in sixth and Maryn Reimers ’25 in tenth. 

In the junior division, Isabelle Kafer ’24 based on her score would have placed first, and Taylor Stevens ’24 would have placed second.

Finally in the senior solo division, Paige Albright ’23 received a score to place her in first and Emma Genkinger ’23 would have placed fifth.


What’s next?

The West High dance team will compete twice in November at Prairie’s “Stack the Stands” competition on the 12th and again in Des Moines on the 19th. These local competitions are in preparation for the state competition on the first Friday of Dec. at Wells Fargo Arena.