BPA prepares for State

Learn how BPA prepares for the annual state conference in February.


Courtesy of Layan Ahmed

Layan Ahmed ’25 poses for her Executive Board headshot.

For many students, January and February feel like the longest, most mundane months of the year. For Business Professionals of America (BPA), the busiest season is just beginning. With the Iowa State Leadership Conference less than a month away, members are preparing marketing plans, videos and presentations for the competition. 

“Ethics and Professionalism doesn’t require any preparation, but Small Business Management requires me to consistently meet with my team to research, prepare a presentation and give a speech,” said Layan Ahmed ’25. 

Advisors Diane Fickel and Emily Hudachek assist in the preparation process, keeping students on track and providing crucial feedback. West High will take over sixty members to compete at this year’s state competition, making it one of the biggest groups in school history. Alongside the judged events, the election for next year’s state officer positions will take place in February. Ahmed is a first-time runner.

“I’m so excited to be able to represent myself, my team and my school at a conference like this,” Ahmed said. 

While BPA is competitive by nature, students also participate in fun activities during meetings to connect with their fellow members and learn about the business world. Whether it be a student-cooked pancake breakfast or a fashion show of professional attire, there is always something happening in room 123 on Friday mornings.

Biswash Bhattarai ’23 logs into the BPA website at a meeting on Jan. 20, 2023. (Eva Jordan )


Bennett Olson ’23 and Brennan Johnson ’23 discuss plans for their Visual Design Team event. (Eva Jordan)