Change your world: Youth Volunteer Academy

Learn more about Houses into Homes, social injustice, and yourself in this addition to the HIH club.


Ginger McCartney, Artist, Designer

Houses Into Homes (HIH) is an organization that operates inside and outside West High to provide struggling families/individuals with household items and more. This January HIH added a new facet to the extensive good they’ve done for the community. 

The Youth Volunteer Academy is a regularly meeting group of high schoolers from the area, predominantly West, where you can earn Silver Cord hours. They cover things from social injustice to personal identity with the help of guest speakers and volunteer work

So far they’ve learned about red-lining policies to other topics concerning systemic racism. The extra meetings are currently being held for high school juniors and seniors on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the HIH warehouse. Ijin Shim ’24 is one West High junior currently participating. 

“I’ve learned some things I didn’t expect at all. We learn about housing and redlining, especially how messed up it is,” Shim ’24 said. “It’s really informational, and it’s not only about social injustices. It’s a safe environment where you can just talk about yourself and learn more about your identity.”

Occasionally during meetings, they also help with the day-to-day tasks at HIH. This can go from sorting dishware to picking out toys for kids who need them. All in all this organization continues to work on helping our community from finding a way for those in need to get help to educating future generations. 

House Into Homes offers a welcoming environment where there’s always something you can do or if you ever need a place to talk consider joining the Youth Volunteer academy. 

According to Shim ’24, “It’s a safe environment where you can just share your thoughts, learn more about each other and argue. It’s a really diverse community.”

Learn more here: Houses Into Homes