Be your amazing YOU

Aria Warren plans to present the Be Your Amazing YOU fashion show.

Vera Tanas, Copy Editor

On May 5 at 6 p.m., Aria Warren ’26, this year’s Iowa Miss Amazing Junior Teen 2023, will present the Be Your Amazing YOU fashion show at the UAY Youth Center in downtown Iowa City. The show will include people modeling their favorite outfits and displaying their authentic selves, involving people with different disabilities and gender identities.

“My goal for this fashion show is to show people that everyone is beautiful, no matter what they look like,” Warren said.

In the future, Warren plans to be a fashion designer, and make her clothes and shows as inclusive as possible. She’s starting that journey with the Be Your Amazing YOU show and intends to continue pushing for disability and gender identity representation in the fashion industry. 

It’s all about inclusivity. If you come, come with an open mind.

Preparation for the show began with finding interested participants and a location. From there, Warren and Audra Warren, her sister and paraeducator, put up posters around the school and are continuing to work on getting ready for the show. 

Entrance to the show is free, but donations to Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention and crisis intervention among LGBTQ+ youth, are accepted.

Warren explained why she chose the Trevor Project for donations, saying, “I thought it was a really great organization and I wanted to fundraise for LGBTQIAA+ people’s rights.”

Earlier this year, Warren won the Miss Amazing pageant for girls and women with disabilities. As a part of winning, she has had to do work and advocacy in her community, and the show is a way for her to do just that with fashion as a medium. 

Warren looks forward to seeing how the event turns out and viewing the outfits of everyone involved.

Her final words about the show?

“It’s all about inclusivity. If you come, come with an open mind.”