Canvas Wrapped: A look into the creators

Canvas Wrapped is now out, so we’re taking a look into it’s inspiration and who designed it.

Lee Corlette, Podcaster

With Canvas Wrapped having come out, it is only right that we also take a look into the minds behind the invention. William Cheng ’23 and Muhammed Cikmaz ’24 are the designers and coders, respectively, of Canvas Wrapped. Canvas is a piece of software that many school districts across the United States use to track the progress of their students, and let students check on grades, missing or upcoming assignments, and generally what will be happening next in a particular class or in the school year. Their inspiration for the Chrome Extension to Canvas was inspired by Spotify’s ‘Spotify Wrapped’, which tracks how much someone listens to a certain song or artist. Canvas Wrapped essentially does the same thing, simply with the students’ teachers’ assignments, seeing how many assignments a particular teacher gave, how many missed assignments you may have from a given teacher, etc. Canvas Wrapped was released May 10 for public use.