Scenesters at FilmScene

Come see “F For Fake” and “Swiss Army Man” at Iowa City’s local theater FilmScene.



The Chauncey location in Downtown Iowa City.

If you’ve ever driven downtown Iowa City, you may have noticed FilmScene.

As a local theater founded by Andy Brodie and Andrew Sherburne, FilmScene offers a variety of films that bring the magic of the movies to Downtown Iowa City. Not limited to release-based movies, FilmScene is a great way to expand your film knowledge and movie library while contributing to your local organizations. 

Recently FilmScene has expanded, not just with the addition of The Chauncey location a few years ago but with a newly returned program called Scenesters- originally started by former Programming Director Rebecca Fons- spearheaded by West High alumni Jane Keranen and Programming Director Ben Delgado. Aimed toward rising juniors and seniors, Scenesters brings in students that are passionate about cinema from all high schools in the community for free movies followed by a discussion. To round off the year, Scenesters present two films they voted for as a group and lead a post-movie talk with the audience. 

Why is this relevant? Because this event is happening now! 

On May 23rd and May 24th FilmScene will be showing “F For Fake” alongside “Swiss Army Man” at 7 p.m. 

Directed by Orson Welles, “F For Fake” tackles the complex world of art by documenting the lives of two famous artists that made their living off of forgery. When looking at the movie from a present-day perspective, you can relate the ideas shown in the movie to things like AI art. Orson Welles’ mastery over lighting and the precision of directing a shot capture something very special throughout the film that’s hard to find elsewhere. To fully understand the film it’s best to see it in theaters for that full, magical, cinematic experience. 

Swiss Army Man is directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert who recently won Academy Awards for their groundbreaking film Everything Everywhere All At Once. Starring Daniel Radcliffe (who you may know as Harry Potter) and Paul Dano (who you may know as the Riddler from Batman), the movie is a unique entity that follows Paul Dano’s character, Hank Thompson, as he finds a corpse after being marooned on an island and begins his strange journey of friendship with the powerful corpse. The best way to describe the movie is that it feels like a fever dream, you’ll have to come to see it yourself to really get it. 

Fun activities with prizes will be available during both movies, so be sure to come for a chance at winning!