Three new courses to look out for while registering

Registration for next year ends this Friday, Jan. 26, so don’t miss any of these new courses.


Alyson Kuennen

Lifestyle Fitness is a new course among many to be added for registration next school year.

Reagan Hart, Reporter, Distribution Manager

On the registration sheet this year, some courses look familiar and some do not. This is because there are new classes this year. Here’s a brief summary of those classes:

AP Capstone Seminar is a course that is new to West, but not new to the district, as City high has been offering it for a while. The class teaches about synthesizing information from multiple types of sources in order to produce evidence-based arguments. It will include looking at written sources, articles and studies, and visual sources, such as speeches and broadcasts. This class is offered to sophomores and above.

“There is not a set curriculum, but it’s something all across the nation and colleges recognize. We wanted to jump on the bandwagon and give that opportunity for our students,” said guidance counselor Kay Dileo.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing is a class that offers a look into the manufacturing industry. This includes learning skills such as product design and product programming.  Students will learn how to use different computer programs to turn a product idea into an actual product. This class is offered to all students.

“This is a more advanced manufacturing course using more technology that students interested in manufacturing might choose to do [as a] year-long course rather than just the trimester course,” Dileo said.

Lifestyle Fitness, although not really a new class, is new to the registration forms. Since it was added after registration, it was not heavily advertised during registration this time last year. It is a different type of PE course that is more individualized.

“It’s trying to hit that student population that maybe doesn’t like doing team sports,” Dileo said.