6 West high hot spots

Whether it’s morning coffee or an afternoon study session, most people have a go to spot. If you need one, here are some suggestions from the WSS staff.

The Java House and Heirloom Salad Company

Located just down the street from West, The Java House is a favorite study spot for many Iowa City students. With their quiet and relaxing atmosphere, teens can enjoy coffee and baked goods while catching up on homework. Just on the other side of the coffee shop is Heirloom Salad Company, where you can grab a variety of freshly mixed salads and sandwiches to go with your coffee.


Pump It Up: West High Coffee Shop

From hot chocolate to chips, headphones or just a pack of gum, West High’s coffee shop ‘Pump It Up‘ offers many options for a mid- school day snack or drink. Pump It Up is run by the West High Business Professionals of America in the business department room formerly known as the Vonnegut Lab. Pump It Up is open to students as a place to study or hang out with friends during school.


Dunkin Donuts

A favorite among coffee lovers, Dunkin Donuts offers a uniquely strong brew. With hot, iced and frozen drinks, they can be made into classic flavors such as caramel or vanilla swirls or the exotic coconut and raspberry flavor shots. They also make fantastic donuts, so it’s a great spot to run by and grab breakfast and a drink before heading off to class.


Famous worldwide for their beverages, Starbucks is popular for both their specialty drinks and classic coffee. Students often enjoy it as an afternoon refresher or caffeine kick to get through the day. Their unicorn frappuccino a few years back became a sensation around West High that everyone had to try, as well as their annual Pumpkin Spice Latte now in season just in time for fall.


Bluebird Cafe

With locations in both downtown Iowa City and North Liberty, Bluebird Cafe is a wholesome spot for a group of friends on a day off of school. It’s also a great place to sit down with family and have some classic bacon and eggs for Sunday brunch. With breakfast served all day long, Bluebird can satisfy any late night french toast craving.


Bruegger’s Bagels

This bagel company is well known for their wide selection of bagels and cream cheese as well as sandwiches. They offer the ability to create either sweet or savory combinations of bagels including blueberry,  jalapeno cheddar or cinnamon sugar bagels you can top with onion & chive, strawberry or seasonal pumpkin cream cheese.

Infograph by Sidney Kiersch