Jewelry Fashion Friday: Frances Blount ’21

Frances Blount ’21 shares how she uses accessories to express herself.


West Side Story (WSS): Where do you get most of your jewelry?

Frances Blount (FB): I buy some of it from online Instagram stores. A lot of my friends from California sell earrings that look super cool and unique, and I like supporting their businesses.

WSS: How does your style represent you?

FB: I think [my style] is fun and unique, and I like standing out and expressing myself through my jewelry, it can add a lot to an outfit.

WSS: How has your style changed over the years?

FB: It’s changed a lot. In middle school, I’d wear these green striped leggings with bright purple tennis shoes and it was kind of a look, but I’ve grown a lot since then. I guess I’ve just started taking more influence from social media and people who I think are cool.

WSS: How often do you purchase new jewelry?

FB: This is bad, I sort of have an addiction. This summer, I purchased a ton of jewelry, at least 50 bucks worth. The jewelry I buy I tend to get pretty cheap, because I think its cute but its not worth that much money to me. I like purchasing new jewelry because I think it adds a lot to the look. I can wear the same shirt I wore yesterday, but with a different pair of earrings and it’s like a whole new outfit.

WSS; What piece of jewelry has the most meaning to you? 

FB: The piece of jewelry that has the most meaning to me is my necklace. It’s a fish and it symbolizes wealth. It was my mom that she brought from Vietnam and I haven’t taken it off in like a year. It’s pretty iconic.

WSS: When and why did you start wearing jewelry? 

FB: I got my ears pieces when I was seven. I remember in the beginning of middle school I was super obsessed with dangling earrings and big earrings, but I kind of stopped during eighth grade and started wearing studs. Then during high school, at the end of sophomore year I started buying big dangly earrings again. So I have nine (ear piercings) right now, but I always want more.

WSS: What’s your favorite style of jewelry? 

FB: I either wear kind of minimalistic jewelry or earrings that are super out there and noticeable. Usually I tend to lean towards big pieces.

WSS: Who influences your style and the jewelry you wear? 

FB: This influencer who really inspires me is Enya Umanazor. She’s a youtuber and I’m really into her style and her vibes. My dad is also pretty iconic. He wears whatever he wants, which is mostly really wacky stuff that he thinks is cool. He doesn’t really care what his coworkers or his friends think. I want to be able to wear what I feel happy in, without feeling judged or caring about what people think of me.