Fashion Friday: Bodie Williamson ´22

Sophomore, Bodie Williamson brings his distinctive style to the first Fashion Friday of the school year.

By experimenting with color and aesthetic themes, Bodie Williamson ’22 has developed a style focused on simplicity and artistic expression.

“To me, fashion is really cool because it is a unique way to express yourself… it’s like wearing art on your body which is just incredible,” said Williamson.

[Fashion] is a unique way to express yourself… its like wearing art on your body.

— Bodie Williamson

With uncommon combinations of clothing and new interpretations of fashion, Williamson creates looks that form a cohesive theme.

“I like putting together different outfits for different aesthetics like the eighties or nineties,” said Williamson.

Williamson also finds fashion inspiration from public figures. He says that John Mayer has a style that he really likes.

Williamson views fashion as a personal choice and expression. When asked about fashion’s impact in school, he focuses on the good that can come out of it.

“To me, fashion is not as important as someone’s personality, but I do see people complimenting each other because of it and I think that’s really cool.”