Staff Spotlight: Camille Gretter ’23

Get to know the people behind WSS’ content, starting with Assistant Sports Editor Camille Gretter ’23.


Kara Wagenknecht

Camille Gretter ’23 is a first-year WSS staffer who’s already made a large impact on the staff and publication.

Sophomore Camille Gretter is the assistant sports editor for the online publication, and this is her first year on staff. Gretter was first introduced to WSS by someone close to her and has had a passion for it ever since.

“My older sister was a sports editor for the West Side Story, and she just kind of got me into it so I took foundations of journalism my freshman year and I really loved it,” she said.

While she was still in foundations of journalism, Gretter earned the opportunity to write articles for the WSS and says she fell in love with covering sporting events and reporting. Besides her sister, Gretter looks to all of the WSS staff for inspiration and encouragement.

“I look up to everyone on West Side Story staff because everyone has so many talents and their own way [of doing things], it’s so important for me to be able to learn something from everyone,” she said. “I think everyone on staff is super talented.”

Through WSS, Gretter has grown, both academically and as a person. 

You really just have to kind of drop all insecurities you have and just go for it, I feel like that’s really helped me grow and become more confident in myself and others.

— Camille Gretter '23

“I know what I want to do more now. And I know going through the process of interviewing people definitely made me less socially awkward because you kind of just have to go after what you want,” she said. “If you don’t do that you won’t achieve the same result as someone who is confident in themselves and confident in their writing.”

“You really just have to kind of drop all insecurities you have and just go for it so I feel like that’s really helped me grow and become more confident in myself and others.”

While Gretter’s short-term goals include passing the AP Human Geography test, she has more lofty ambitions for her future years on staff. Working and learning from fellow sports editors Owen Aanestad ’22 and Hanah Kitamoto ’22 is just one way she plans on continuing her journalism career. Long-term, Gretter can see journalism playing a role in her life for years to come.

“I would love to pursue a major in journalism in college, that’s one of my biggest factors when looking at potential [colleges] I’d want to go to,” she said. “I’m not sure what direction I would want to follow, whether it be writing or broadcast but I know for sure it’s definitely something I would want to do.”

As evidenced by her 26 written articles, Gretter is a hard-worker and strong writer. Despite this being her first year on staff, she has already impacted WSS in a major way. One thing she wishes others knew, however, is the spirit and dedication she brings to class every day.

“I want people to know that I’m hard-working, and I’m really passionate about everything that I’m involved in right now,” she said. “I just hope that people who aren’t on staff, and don’t see the way that we work during classes, realize that all of us are super hard working and super smart and awesome people.”