Sights of spring: Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor scavenger hunt activity where participants find containers of varying sizes from GPS coordinates and clues. 

Marta Leira, Print Editor-in-Chief

Some ground rules:

  1. Place the cache back where you found it 
  2. Don’t damage the property you are on 
  3. Sign your name in the logbook 
  4. If you take something from the box, leave something else behind
  5. Be safe and above all, have fun!

Description: The West Side Story Geocache is located in West High’s front lawn. The front lawn has been a point of contention at West for years. Debates have sparked over the best usage of the space. From a scenic spot to eat lunch to a BMX biking course, you name it, it’s been considered. Now, it’s found it’s rightful purpose as home to the first official West Side Story Geocache. Hidden amongst what could have been bike jumps, lies a secret container ready for you to select a prize and log your discovery. 

Coordinates of the box: 41*39’23’N 91*34’54*W


  • Hidden in a tree (no climbing required) 
  • West of the West High Sign 
  • Tree is visible from the road

Once you have found our cache, download the official geocaching app or visit their website for a comprehensive map filled with geocaches.