Baking through the seasons: Winter

West Side Story staffers Tessa Gibson ’24, Eleanor Weitz ’24 and Sophie Richardson ’24 attempt some winter baking in the first episode of Baking through the seasons.

For a lot of people, baking is a vital part of the winter experience. There are so many iconic and tasty flavors and treats associated with that snowy time of the year. Though it was hard to choose, for this show they decided to make goodies with the flavors peppermint and hot chocolate. For the peppermint, they made gooey peppermint chocolate Oreo cookies which turned out absolutely divine. And for the hot chocolate, they made hot cocoa cupcakes with marshmallow frosting. They totally captured the feeling of sitting by the fire after a cold day with a hot cup of cocoa. If you want to see more of their journey in the kitchen this season, watch their video below, and if you want to make the treats yourself, take a look at the recipe cards included!