West High students audition for SEIBA

After not being able to attend SEIBA in person last year, West High students return to the competition in 2022.


Alex Carlon

Students warm up for their auditions in the gym.

Audrey Parrish, Copy Editor

After months of preparation, students awoke before dawn on Saturday, Jan. 8 to attend South Eastern Iowa Bandmasters Association (SEIBA) auditions. After the dark trek to West High, and an hour-long bus ride, they arrived at Fairfield High School, where auditions were being held. When entering the gym – the designated warm-up space – ears were bombarded by hundreds of band students from across the Southeast Iowa district warming up for their varying audition times. After auditioning, everyone waited for the recall audition lists to come out. 13 students from West High made it past the recall auditions and into the honor and jazz bands. 

Honor Concert Band:

Violet Clark — Clarinet

Henry Dai — Alto Sax

Elena Garcia — Alto Sax

Yifan Lu — Alto Sax

Sachiko Goto ’23 — Trumpet

Audrey Parrish ’23 — Trumpet

Sam Abdel-Malek — Trumpet

Lydia Shin — Trombone

Patrick Selby — Trombone

Honor Jazz Band:

Minou Emmad ’23 — Jazz Alto Sax

Damien Kim — Jazz Tenor Sax

Noah Hann — Jazz Trumpet

Peter Adams ’22 — Jazz Bass


These students will be traveling to Clear Creek Amana High School on January 22 for a full day of rehearsals and a concert that night.