Fashion Friday: Kelsey and Kasey Baller ’15


Nick Deerberg, Photographer

    West Side Story: How would you describe your style?

Kelsey Baller ‘15: I don’t really have a specific one. I like to be creative.

Kasey Baller ‘15: I like to do what people aren’t doing at the moment. I don’t really care what people think about what I wear. I like to be creative and kind of modern, but I also like the older styles a bit. I just wear a little bit of everything

baller (2)

WSS: Where do you shop in the surrounding area?

Kelsey: Forever 21 definitely. That’s my favorite store, that’s where I go.

Kasey: I like Forever 21 and Tommy Hilfiger.

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WSS: Where do you shop outside of the surrounding area?

Kelsey: I like PacSun because we don’t have that in our mall anymore.

Kasey: I buy a lot of shoes on DSW online because we have one in Des Moines but not close.

WSS: What’s some advice to help students find their style?

Kelsey: Don’t care what other people think about your outfits. Just be different with it.

Kasey: I would say wear what you like to wear but try to change it up a bit so it’s a little more high fashion.

WSS: What’s a go to outfit for you?

Kelsey: I love leggings. I like combat boots usually, I usually have some sort of overcoat [or] cardigan of some sort.

Kasey: I just like cute plain shirts and then I like to wear it with some cute shoes or a big necklace or scarf.

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WSS: What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

Kelsey: Probably leggings. They’re comfy and they go with everything.

Kasey: My favorite would have to be this jean jacket I have. It’s not really jean, it looks like jean but it’s just a thicker material and it’s kind of washed out.

WSS: What’s your favorite accessory?

Kelsey: I really like scarves and rings are good too

Kasey: I like rings and I also like things to put in your hair like hair bows or headbands.

Kelsey Baller

WSS: Where do you get fashion inspiration?

Kelsey: I look a lot at instagram pages of fashion and stuff and also magazines and places like that

Kasey: I like Heidi Klum’s fashion a lot. I also go in teen vogue magazine and I take their outfits because a lot of times they have really high fashion stuff and I just make it kind of not as high fashion

WSS: What’s your favorite season for clothing?

Kelsey: I definitely love fall because the temperature changes so you can wear cold stuff and [warmer] attire

Kasey: I like summer a lot because it just seems there are more fun clothes during the summer

WSS: What is a fashion no-no?

Kelsey: Changing it up you should do definitely.

Kasey: Don’t get too crazy with your patterns

WSS: How has your style changed over the years?

Kelsey: I’ve definitely gotten a little bit more creative. I guess I really don’t care as much as I did when I was younger about what people think of my outfits.

Kasey: I try to make my stuff more high fashion than it used to be. I don’t want to dress too plain and I have a lot of variety of clothes.

Kacey Baller

WSS: How does your lifestyle influence your style?

Kelsey: My brother really likes fashion a lot and I don’t do track like she does and so he kind of influences me to dress a little better and so I have more time to pick out my outfits all year round.

Kasey: During sports seasons I do track and it’s really busy. I normally take a lot of time to pick out my clothes and during seasons I don’t have a ton of time to do it so my outfits are more like what I pick out in the morning.

WSS: How does your style reflect your personality?

Kelsey: I like to wear darker colors and I wouldn’t say my personality is really dark but my personality can be different.

Kasey: I always like to be moving around and going places, and so I’m always dressed for the event I’m at.


WSS: How does your twin affect your style?

Kelsey: If I’m having trouble with what I should wear, I go to her, I take her clothes. If I’m not really sure what I should wear I always ask what she’s wearing to kind of help me go off of that

Kasey: I do not like to dress like her at all so if she comes out wearing something similar to me, I’ll go change my clothes. I wouldn’t say she really influences my style more than I just try to not look like her.