Sam Nester ’21

Sam Nester ‘21 is a veteran of theater west and a movie buff, whose fondness for film began at an early age.

“I think I was around six years old and I was digging through my some boxes in our storage room. And I found a VHS set of the movie ‘Titanic.’ And I kept watching it over and over again and then it kind of just sprouted from there.” 

Movies are just like completely magical to me.”

— Sam Nester '21

Nester reflected on how films have helped him recently saying, “Especially this year [movies] are kind of an escape from reality, and being sucked into a separate world, even for only like two or three hours at a time. They’re just like completely magical to me.”

A few of these movies that have accompanied Nester over the past few months are “The Witch,” “Hereditary” and “Booksmart.”

‘The Witch’ is a mob mentality movie,” said Nester, “except it’s a war of a family just going at each other’s throats, and just going after one another and accusing people of being like a witch.”

As for why he likes “Hereditary” Nester said, “It’s the psychological aspect of it. It’s about like a woman’s grief like dealing with the death of her mother. And like other deaths in the family and it’s also a paranormal movie, and there’s a whole lot of elements that play into other and  just make it fantastic.”

“Booksmart,” which Nester discovered recently, is a 2019 high school comedy about two nerds trying to go to a party on their last day of high school.

“It’s hilarious and it has an amount of heart that makes it not sappy,” said Nester, “but there’s enough heart in it to make it stick with you.”