Fall fashion predictions

To get an insight into what the trendy clothes of fall 2021 are going to be, read about a West High student’s view on autumn fashion.


It’s getting to be that time of year when shorts are replaced with sweatpants, t-shirts are replaced with comfy sweaters, and a cold glass of tart lemonade is replaced with piping hot cocoa. We asked a West High student questions about his amazing style. 

Clayton Bopp ’22 enjoys incorporating warm and comfortable clothes in his fall fashion. “I like to wear comfy chinos with a short sleeve shirt or a sweatshirt and shorts,” he said. He added that he sometimes wears long sleeves with chinos depending on the weather. 

Aesthetics have made a large impact on different styles in 2021, whether it’s punk/grunge, soft girl, dark academia, or maybe even an aesthetic inspired by ‘Twilight!’ Clayton Bopp gets inspiration for his outfits from many different aesthetics and influencers. “I would say Connor Franta and Isaac Tortorella (from Tiktok) are my main inspirations, but also the mix of the patterns from a dark academia style but all with more of an earth-toned palette,” he said. 

It can be hard to wake up and not be tempted to just throw on some sweatpants and a shirt. It makes us wonder, what makes these West High students want to have good style? “’If you look good you feel good and if you feel good you play good’” -Dion Sanders”” Clayton said. He added,  “I love this quote because I like to have a good style for myself; it makes me feel good and happier than if I didn’t dress up for school everyday.” 

Well, it looks like this fall’s fashion will be filled with chinos, sweaters, and numerous aesthetics. After reading this we hope you find some inspiration for your next outfit or just enjoyed reading about someone’s perspective on fashion. If you would like to get ideas for your fall outfits this year click the attachments below! 

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