West High ranked number one high school in Iowa

West High has been named the number one high school in the state of Iowa by US News.


Audrey Parrish

West High implements its “Tradition of Excellence” by displaying it on the stairs leading to the main entrance of the school.

Audrey Parrish, Copy Editor

“West High, Best High.” This phrase has been repeated around West High for years. At sporting events, competitions and in everyday conversation, every student has heard it. However, since 2018, this phrase ceased to be true… until now. For the first time since 2018, Iowa City West High School has been named number one in the state of Iowa. 

Every year, US News ranks the top schools in the nation and around the world. In the “Best High School Rankings” category, West High ranked first in the state of Iowa and 664 in the nation with an overall score of 96.28 out of 100. West High has a graduation rate of 95% and many students participate in Advanced Placement(AP) classes. 63% of students have taken at least one AP class and 56% have passed at least one AP exam. West High also ranks number one for college readiness in the state.