8 Trick-or-treating alternatives

Feeling a bit too old for trick-or-treating? West Side Story’s got you covered! Here are eight activities to make Halloween interesting sans trick-or-treating.


Carmela Cohen Suarez

Being in high school, some may be considered too old to trick or treat. Despite this, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween.

No matter how sad it may be, there will come a time where we dub ourselves “too old” to trick-or-treat. Maybe the lack of costume options at Walmart was an indicator, or perhaps it was a parent bluntly stating the fact. It used to be customary to walk around the neighborhood in a Halloween costume and then proceed to pig out on free candy. But now in high school, people tend to frown upon your presence on their doorsteps. Despite this, there should still be something available for those no longer able to trick or treat. Here are eight ideas:

1. Decorate pumpkins

For something that uses more creativity and effort, try carving the perfect pumpkin. Carving pumpkins can serve as a way to bring back some nostalgia from the good old days when trick-or-treating was still acceptable. Now, it is time to go ahead and carve the pumpkin all on your own.

2. Movie marathon

Invite some buddies over for a scary movie fest or go out to the theater and catch the most recent rendition of “Halloween,” or watch classics like “The Shining,” “Scream” or “Silence of the Lambs.” A little too scared when it comes to horror movies? Stick with tamer options such as the “Scary Movies” series or “Hocus Pocus.” For binge-watching TV shows, “American Horror Story,” “Stranger Things” or “Scream,” the TV show on Netflix, are good options.

3. Graveyard adventures

Gather a group of fellow adventure seekers and take a trip to a local graveyard at night. There, you can tell ghost stories or just socialize in a more spooky setting. One good option for a more scary setting would be visiting the Black Angel at 1000 Brown St, Iowa City, IA 52245.

4. Halloween party

Still want an excuse to dress up and see friends’ costumes? Throw a Halloween party. This way, all the fun of picking a Halloween outfit and showing it off can be experienced without having to trek door-to-door through the cold Iowa weather. If hosting a party is not your thing, go to a friend’s house and spend the night dressed up with them.

Infographic by Sidney Kiersch.

5. Satisfy your Halloween cravings

Make your own sweet food as an attempt to replace the candy you would have gotten while trick-or-treating. While getting entirely free candy is no longer a choice, making your own can be just as satisfying. Or try healthier alternatives to Halloween candy such as chocolate or honey covered fruit. Here are some additional Halloween recipe ideas.

6. Celebrate the holiday season early

If worst comes to worst, October is not too early to start Christmas celebrations, right? Go ahead and go all out with Christmas stockings and snowflakes to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Most stores have already started selling Christmas decor, so why shouldn’t you get in the spirit as well? For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, getting into the holiday season spirit is never a bad idea no matter what holiday season means for the family.

7. Just chill

Not trying to get too tired out on a school night? Just relax, spend time with your family and go to bed. Occasionally hand out candy to trick-or-treaters at your door and reminisce about the good old days when that used to be you. Inexpensive candy is also an advantage to the post-Halloween feel.

8. Try to cheat the system

Make good use of any and all annoying younger siblings you have. If you are short enough, hide in their midst and hope you end up getting some sweet sugary goodness out of your sneaky ways. Or if that doesn’t work you can always just convince them to “loan” you a few sweet treats.