How to: Halloween

Too old to trick-or-treat? Try out these fun Halloween activities.

Ting Gao, Reporter

Back when we were in elementary school (and possibly even in junior high), Halloween as a holiday was all about trick-or-treating. Being able to coast from door to door and receive candy from strangers was the best! As teenagers, however, we feel too old to engage in this wondrous activity. But that doesn’t mean that Halloween has to be boring! To have some wholesome Halloween fun, try out these activities.

1. Pick apples at Wilson’s Orchard
This local orchard is famous for its apples, with over 120 varieties! Head on over to pick your own apples or pumpkins any day from August to October, and enjoy some of their fresh apple turnovers while you’re at it. You can bring your family along, too, but not your pets. Just make sure to visit between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

2. Carve pumpkins
Make yourself a nice jack o’lantern to decorate your porch this Halloween. If you don’t know how, follow the steps below.

  1. Buy a pumpkin from the store. Choose whatever size you want.
  2. Set up a space to carve your pumpkin, preferably one that is protected by newspaper or is okay to get messy.
  3. Using a sharp serrated knife, cut off the top of the pumpkin.
  4. Reach into the pumpkin with a spoon and remove the seeds, fibers, and some of the inner flesh.
  5. Draw your design onto the pumpkin with a permanent marker. If you’re bad at art, try using a stencil to draw.
  6. Cut out the design on the pumpkin. Make sure to cut away from yourself, in case the knife slips.
  7. Finish off the jack o’lantern by placing a tea light in the pumpkin, lighting it, and then replacing the crown. Voila! Now you have a jack o’lantern! (BBC Good Food)

3. Go shopping to find the perfect Halloween costume
Although you most likely won’t be trick-or-treating, dressing up for Halloween is still fun! Visit a local Halloween store (or Walmart, who cares?) and get cloaks, masks and make-up to put together the best possible costume. Bring along your friends to help you pick out what you need.

4. Pick pumpkins at the Colony Pumpkin Patch
This delightful farm located in North Liberty may call itself a pumpkin patch, but there’s so much more to it than just pumpkins. In addition to having over fifteen acres of pumpkins, they also offer a ten-acre corn maze, hay-rack ride and Zombie Paintball. There’s a little something here for everyone! If you want to visit, make sure to do it before October 29th, when they close for the season.

5. Get terrified at Scream Acres
If haunted houses are your thing, look no further than Scream Acres! A “scream park” located near Cedar Rapids, it offers four different haunted houses for a good assortment of scares. This one’s the least suited on this list for children, so DON’T bring along your little brother or sister. It’s open every Friday and Saturday in October. However, if you’re looking to explore an actual haunted house in-state, check out this article.