A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams


Back in 2017, “A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams” was released through Soundcloud. Written and produced by Majette herself, the album is characterized by its creative instrumentation. From memorable beats to perfectly placed sound bytes, “Collection” is certainly worth your time.

After introducing herself in the stunning opener “Orion,” Majette showcases her unique sound on her most streamed track on Spotify: “Antidote.” The love letter to the expanded freedom that comes with growing up features a lofi beat typical of indie music. Overall, the album’s genre is more indie or bedroom pop with RnB elements. However, Majette expands on her RnB sound in her later music.

A staple of the album is that it’s rare for the ‘choruses’ of a song to be repeated. Majette distances herself from traditional lyrical structures. More often than not, songs are full of clever lyrics that seem more like well-worded diary entries. This works perfectly with the core concept of the album: A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams. 

The way these tracks are lyrically crafted allows the listener to feel like they’re seeing inside Majette’s thoughts. Even tracks that are mostly or completely instrumentation such as “Mirage” or “Waiting in the Car (Interlude)” feel like indescribable, oddly private moments that Majette pieces together masterfully.

2020 orion sun

As for highlights of the album, look no further than “Space Jam – An Odyssey.” This is not only one of my favorite tracks off the album, but definitely one of my favorite songs of all time. 

The ambient noises from space mission liftoffs perfectly flow throughout the track. Not only that, but the lyricism is poetic with lines like “Oh why you actin’ plastic/ No need, we were fantastic/ Now we just tragic/ Yeah come right back elastic” and “I think you’re like a shooting star/ I feel like I’m trapped on Mars.”

Another of my favorites and one that is severely underrated is “Water (Antidote Pt. 2)”, the more reminiscent yet superior version of “Antidote”. The intro sets up the tone for a more wistful approach compared to the first edition, as Majette looks back into a time when things were better with “Uppers and downers lie/ Like chutes and ladders, I/ Wonder if we will get better/ Wonder if it even matters.”

All in all, Orion Sun’s “Collection” is definitely worth a listen. The concept is not only creative but perfectly executed, making her debut album unlike any other.