Hold Space for Me

Majette’s latest album, “Hold Space for Me,” was released three years later in 2020, making it one of the few good things to come out of this year. In that time, it’s clear Majette’s style has shifted slightly. Moving on from a bedroom-pop indie feel, “Hold Space for Me” has a more refined sound.

The opening track “Lightning” makes this abundantly clear, with a smooth alt-RnB vibe. This sets the stage for the rest of the album, where Majette hasn’t completely changed her style. Instead, she builds on her old style, showing growth and progress.

Just like her last album, “Hold Space for Me” is best listened to in one sitting. Each track flows into the next, creating a well rounded listening experience. All the melodies and instrumentation are unique, but feel related. Dreamy harmonies meet polished instrumentals. These harmonies are what stand out most from the album. 

In “A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams,” what stood out most was Majette’s masterful instrumentation and beats. Her new album gives her etheral vocals a chance to shine. 

With less production over her vocals, “Hold Space for Me” feels very raw and real. In contrast to her breezy summer-esque previous album, it’s a perfect listen for the rainy fall days quickly approaching. 

2020 Mom+Pop

Aside from evolving her overall style, Majette mixes it up with her latest album, adding some experimental elements- and they work out great. My favorite example of this is “El Camino,” where she raps verses throughout the song. 

The lyricism is, as always, very clever. Case in point: “The devil tried to stop me/ Prada really not me/ Money make you go from ‘College Dropout to Yandhi’” referencing Kanye West’s first album and the original title of his ninth album which later turned into “Jesus is King.” The comparison shows how money and fame can change your perspectives and build up your ego.

The album finishes off with “Birds Gave Up,” which is another unusual track. With just her voice and a guitar, it’s a beautifully emotional and vulnerable piece, which closes out the album perfectly.

Even with all these changes, Majette still pays tribute to her old style in tracks like “Sailing,” with a lot of thoughtfully placed ambient noise. Naturally, she continues her skills in lyricism, singing “So I’ve been out here for days/ Don’t think I can come unless I change up my ways/ I’m sailing, lost at sea but it’s been ok/ Lighthouse, I know they lookin for me.”

Overall, “Hold Space for Me” is for anyone looking for a nice, mellow album to chill out to, while showcasing Majette’s growth as a musician to her longtime fans.