Boys basketball shows promise in season opener

The boys basketball team sent Davenport West packing after a 71-56 win for the Trojans in their first home game of the season.


Maddy Smith

The Trojans cheer for teammate Abdelrahman Abdalla ’23.

Camille Gretter, Online Editor-In-Chief

The Trojans had nothing short of a show-stopping performance against Davenport West. With promising talent from young players, the boys basketball team proved that this is only the beginning of their success. The team sent the Falcons back home to the Quad Cities with a 15-point score gap, and with a final score of 71-56, the Trojans showed complete domination over Davenport West on Nov. 30.

Early on in the first quarter, we saw amazing three-pointers from junior Savion Taylor, and he kept this same precision throughout the game. A great partnership between him and Brady Simcox ’23 made for exceptional plays and assists.

Pete Moe ’22 was back in action, impressing the crowd with dunks left and right. The six-foot-nine forward has always been an aggressive player on offense and defense, using his height to his advantage.

Speaking of height, freshman Jack McCaffery surely made quite the first impression for attendees. His varsity debut featured clean and precise three-pointers, and multiple blocked shots against Davenport West. Despite his tall and lanky form, McCaffery showed a monumental amount of control over his six-foot-eight height.

To say the team was on fire would be an understatement; the Trojans kept a solid lead throughout the entire game. The boys kept an early 5-point lead at the end of the first quarter, and only widened that gap as the game went on. After a close loss four days prior in a scrimmage against Marshalltown, the Trojans got back on track with this win against Davenport West.

Bergmann’s squad will make a trip east on Dec. 7 to face the Grayhounds of Burlington.