West girls fall short in semifinal


Aaron Carter, Writer and Sports Editor

The Iowa City West High Girls Basketball team came into the State tournament as the fifth ranked team in the State, and came in with aspiriations to win their second state championship in four years. This aspiration was not able to be fulfilled.

The Women of Troy fell just short Friday as they were defeated by top ranked West Des Moines Valley 57-41. After a heroic attempt by the seniors to try to push the Trojans into the championship game. The Trojans short poorly again Friday, as they did Wednesday. The games were complete opposites, however. On Wednesday the Trojans trailed a majority of the game to take the lead late in the game on a three by senior Danielle Craig. Friday, however, the Trojans had the lead going into halftime, and it was squandered by Valley in the second half.

Both games experienced a plethora of threes, which were not converted into points a large majority of the time. Seniors Craig, Bella Lozano-Dobbs, and Grace Tafolla and Mikaela Morgan all tried to will their team to a win, but the odds were not in their favor. Valley converted on the majority of their shots in the second half, despite trailing at halftime.

The Trojans lost all momentum in the second half, even with a miraculous shot by sophomore Maddie Huinker that was banked in a few feet beyond the three point arc, and 15 points from Craig.

Valley will square off against second seeded Waukee Saturday afternoon in Wells Fargo Arena, in hopes of winning the Class 5A state title.