Memory Monday: September vibes

This week’s memory monday focuses on three different students September memories.

Taylor Shelfo, Broadcast Anchor

West Side Story roamed the halls asking random people of any memories they would be willing to share that correlate with the month of September.

While walking down the main hallway only feet away from the news room, we found a familiar classmate Abby Henderson ’18 and asked if she had any September memories she’d like to share.

“My birthday is in September, so I have a lot of fun memories there,” Henderson said.

We asked when her birthday is to which she responds with, “Today.”

Below is an audio clip of the our reaction and the rest of the conversation.

Traveling past the commons and down the art hallway, we decided a janitor’s memory would differ from a student’s, so we took a stab with Ron.

At first, he was hesitant of finding any memories in September, and then he casually brought up a fishing trip.

“Up in Wisconsin I caught a thirty-five pound salmon,” Ron said.

We freaked out, assuming that it was a massive catch, but he shrugs it off like it was a five pound catfish.

We then headed to the library to find one more memory when we found our good pal Sadig Taha, ’16.

We asked him if he had any September memories, and he looked around for a bit, and then shook his head. He thought on it a little bit longer and finally asked, “what is this for anyway?”

Once informed he was being interviewed for the WSS, he jumped up in excitement and racked his brain for some memory – anything to get featured in the paper.

We waited for a solid five minutes on him contemplating whether or not that memory was school appropriate, or if this memory was worthy enough, until he finally settled on the mind-boggling response of:

Drum roll.

“Hanging out with friends.”

We couldn’t contain our laughter as he looked so proud to finally be featured in the WSS with his great September memory to conclude this week’s session of Memory Monday.