Memory Monday: candy galore

Yusra Alwaan ’18 shares her favorite trick-or-treating memory in this weeks Memory Monday.

Grace Christopher

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September 22, 2018
Yusra Alwaan

“Please take one!”

This sign is a common sight nowadays in candy-filled baskets outside of people houses. This indicates to only take one piece of candy. But, when it was her favorite candy filling those buckets, Yusra Alwaan had a different interpretation of that sign.

Twelve-year-old Alwaan was ready to score big on Halloween night, she was decked out in her Hanna Montana costume and ready to go. While out trick-or-treating, Alwaan says, “There was this one time where there was this one house that had this big bucket of Snickers and we stole the whole thing! I loved snickers, so that was the best part.”