Roger Moore, former “James Bond” actor dies

Actor Roger Moore was reported dead on May 23 after battling with cancer.

Roger Moore, circa 1973, around the time of his first Bond outing, “Live and Let Die.”

English actor Sir Roger Moore was reported dead today by his family, after a brief fight with cancer. Moore was 89, and most fondly remembered for being the third actor to play Agent James Bond, 007. He began playing the role starting with 1973’s Live and Let Die, until 1985’s A View to A Kill. He played the part for a record twelve years, appearing in seven films, more than any other actor to date.

There was certainly a suave nature to his portrayal, something needed for every Bond, but Moore was noted for his increased humor. Far removed from Connery’s womanizing charm, Moore was more self aware with his Bond. This never detracted from them, and it made the movies more fun to watch. Even in a dull outing, which the series was not without, he still maintained a sense of knowing that it was all silly. As if he knew as well as the audience that it was all super ridiculous, but went with it anyway for the fun of it.

Other than his record breaking stint as Bond, Moore was also known for doing a number of TV shows. Most notably, he was spy Simon Templar, not unlike bond, on “The Saint,” from 1962-69. He also starred in the western series “Maverick” and “The Persuaders!”

Roger Moore as Simon Templar in “The Saint” with Earl Green, circa 1969.

Outside of his acting work, Moore was known for being very passionate for humanitarian causes. After becoming a Goodwill Ambassador in 1991, he did a lot of work for UNICEF, including narrations for informative videos and cartoons. For his work he received many honors, including being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

While it is saddening that Roger Moore has left the world, he lived a long and meaningful life. From his work in the arts, to those in humanitarian causes. Though he was the third actor to play Bond, he was the first to really reinvent it and make it his own post-Connery. Though he will be missed by the many generations of viewers that experienced his acting, Moore will always be remembered for his great body of work and unique rise of his eyebrows.