Unplanned school evacuation disrupts class

As sixth period began, an unplanned fire alarm went off causing the entire school to evacuate.

Fatima Kammona, News Editor

Seconds before the bell rung signaling for sixth period, the fire alarm went off. The alarm wasn’t planned and was the cause of recent construction of the gym while doing ductwork. 

“In large rooms, instead of having smoke detectors, [we have] beam detectors,”said Principal Gregg Shoultz. “Beam detectors hit a little laser between two things. And if that gets cut off for a long period of time . . . [it] causes a fire alarm.”

Though the evacuation out of the school and back in took less than a total of ten minutes, student Maria Gamon ’19 said she was ready to go back inside in order to escape 43-degree Fahrenheit weather

“I just wanted to get to class because its a waste of time when it accidentally goes off,” she said.