Wrestling room renovations complete

Following months of construction, West’s wrestling room now has a new look.


Kara Wagenknecht

The new wrestling room opened this year. After months of waiting, the West High wrestlers are finally able to use it.

Deniz Ince, Print Editor-in-Chief, Co-Sports Editor

Just in time for wrestling season.

A sizeable undertaking in itself, renovating the wrestling room was no simple feat. The project began near the beginning of the school year and concluded before the winter sports season began.

Nate Moore, now in his first year as head coach following the resignation of longtime head coach Mark Reiland, went to Athletic Director Craig Huegel with what Huegel said to be a “vision for Trojan wrestling, and one of the things that he mentioned was that he would like to redo or kind of renovate the wrestling room.”

This makeover, unlike many of the construction projects throughout the school and district, wasn’t a part of last year’s GO bond, so the athletic department and wrestling team needed to come up with the funds on their own.

“I provided half of the funds through the athletic budget, and then the wrestling team provided the other half,” Huegel said. “A lot of our parents actually helped volunteer to do some of the teardown work which reduced the cost.”

The feedback has been positive according to Huegel. The team has over 30 members this year, overwhelmingly exceeding Huegel’s goal of 20.

“I think our kids are excited. Coach Moore and Coach Pudil have done a really great job of getting kids excited about wrestling,” Huegel said. “We just want to continue to recruit kids, get them interested in wrestling, and continue to build that competitive level.”