ICCSD granted an additional two weeks of fully online school

ICCSD schools will continue their fully online learning model for another two weeks.

Hanah Kitamoto, Print Co-Editor-In-Chief

With a 14 day positivity rate of 20.4% as of Sept. 9, the ICCSD was granted permission by the Iowa Department of Public Health to continue the fully online model on Sept. 10.

In a board meeting on Sept. 15, the school board members announced the district will plan on extending the fully online learning model until Sept. 28, but will continue to monitor the positivity rates throughout the week before making a decision by Friday.

“I think we can anticipate those numbers [positivity rate] will dip below 10%, which according to our metrics would put us back into the hybrid category,” said Interim Superintendent Matt Degner. “We’ve talked about a week transition point and so really we would spend next week in a transition time period and then return or begin hybrid instruction on the 28th of September.”

The board also appointed Dormi Etsey as the new board member.

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