Boys swimming recap


Brittani Langland

The boys swim team has done what every sports team dream of doing; winning a state championship. They did so with hard work, strong underclassmen, and drive. Here is a recap of their successful season.

At one of their home dual meets on Jan. 14, the boys swim team defeated Waterloo West 113-57.

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“[Swimming has] taught me a sense of community and it has helped me meet people that I couldn’t have without swimming,” said Robert Netolicky ’14.

“After reaching out to others as the captain, swimming with my teammates has helped me rekindle my passion for the sport,” said Carson Miller ’14.

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After the regular season the boys swim team headed to state.

This is a live twitter feed of the events at the state meet.

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On Feb. 15, the boys swim team becomes the first boys swimming state champions in West High history. To read a more in depth article of this event, click here.  Want to check out West High’s reaction to this even, click here.

Towards the end of February, Mark McGlaughlin ’16 becomes nominated for KCRG’s Athlete of the Week. He ends up winning it.


Finally, the boys swim team held a banquet to honor their new state title.