October 11th Fall Choral Concert



The sounds of high schooler’s singing fills the auditorium as the Fall Chorale Concert began on October 11th at 7:30. Four choirs performed songs ranging from gospels to love songs and everything in between. The first choir to perform was the Treble Choir. This choir is made up of only freshman girls. They performed three songs; Festival Sanctus, Homeward Bound featuring soloist Kate Gylten ‘15, and The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky. They also announced the only Treble Choir singer to make Opus Honor Choir, Mareda Smith ‘15.


The next choir to hit the stage was Bass Choir, directed by Ryan Person, which is made up of Freshman, Sophomores, and Junior boys. They performed Laudate Dominum, On the Deep Blue Sea, Tell My Father, and Blue Moon. Blue Moon was a big hit with the audience and the fellow choirs who chuckled as the boys showed off their moves.


The Woman’s Chorale, Sophomore and Junior girls, performed next. They sang four songs, Come Ye Makers Of Song, Tantum Ergo, Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia, and One Fine Day. This group had some fun songs that included movement such as Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia and One Fine Day where they really got to show off your fun side.


The last to perform was Concert Choir. This choir requires an audition and contains Junior and Senior boys and girls. All five of their songs were acapella, without a piano, which made them more powerful and intrigued the audience. The five songs they sang were called Cantate Domino, Locus Iste, John Saw De Numbuh, Miserere Mei, and Wana Barake, which included a conga.


Overall their first concert of the year was a success. The crowd applauds louder and louder to show how much they really loved it.