Column: parking lot etiquette

Lauren Knudson

A great way to start out your morning is to drive into the parking lot almost hit some kid that is walking in the middle of the road, not being able to drive by the car that is stopped in the middle of the road talking to people or not be able to fit into your parking space because someone parked way over the line. Unfortunately this is how I start my morning quite often. I have been driving in the West High parking lot for three years now and have decided to make a list of common parking lot etiquette rules. So without further ado: West High Parking Lot Etiquette.


  1.   Go to your car,  get in the car, and drive the car out of the parking lot.

    1. You do not stop and talk to people. You do not drive around the parking lot aimlessly. You get to your car and get out.

  1. Keep everything within the vehicle at all times.

    1. You do not wave your hands outside the car but, just like a roller coaster, you keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

  2. The parking lot is not one giant trash can.

    1. No one wants to see your old banana peel or a sweatshirt that has been rolled over by five different cars. So when you drop something, pick it up.

  3. If you hit another car, leave a note.

    1. There is nothing worse then walking out of school and seeing a big scratch on your car and not knowing who did it. If you scratch someone’s car leave a note saying you are sorry here’s my number blah blah blah. Don’t worry you won’t go to jail but you will make someone’s day a little less sucky.

  4. Walk on the side of the parking lot.

    1. Do not walk in the middle of the parking lot, the middle is where cars drive, the outside is where people walk.

  5. Do not use your car as a toy.

    1. It is not used to cut people off or play the lets see who can honk the most times game.

  6. Alternate, one car from one lane, then one from the other lane.


    2. One car goes from one line, then another car from another.

  7. The yellow lines are there for a reason. Park within them.

    1. The line is not there to drive over but to park in between them.

I hope this list of simple rules can help make the West High parking lot a more friendly and beautiful area for all.