Green Gravel Comedy Festival features comedy from around the nation

A wide variety of comedy groups performed in Iowa City for this two day festival.


Nina Elkadi, Print Editor-in-Chief

From iconic Iowa City entertainment venues such as The Mill to relaxed coffee shops like The High Ground, The Green Gravel Comedy Festival presented comedy troupes from around the Midwest. It also featured nationally recognized comedians such as Rachel Bloom, who features in the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

Sophomore Julie Watkins ’17 attended multiple performances this weekend.

“I attended Paperback Rhino at The Mill featuring Weisenheimer,” she said. “I also attended The Late Late Breakfast at High Ground Cafe.”

Watkins hopes to one day be a part of a group similar to Paperback Rhino, commonly known as PBR to those in the comedy scene. PBR is based in Iowa City and focuses on improv.

“Comedy is funny and I want to do it later [in life],” Watkins said. “There’s another comedy fest coming to Iowa City, Floodwater [Comedy Festival] … everybody should come see it because comedy is something that’s all around Iowa City, but not a lot of people seem to know about it.”

The fun isn’t over yet, and there are still multiple performances to catch. Check out the Green Gravel Festival website for more upcoming information for remaining shows and ticket prices.