Parks wins MVP in Eastern Iowa All-Star game


Aaron Carter, Writer and Sports Editor

Wali Parks ’16 doesn’t like to sit still, especially coming off a loss in the biggest game of the year. Parks and West High fell just short in the 4A State Championship against West Des Moines Valley, but Parks decided the best way to get rid of that horrible feeling was to keep playing.

“I mean it was nice having spring break right after the state tournament to reflect and all that,” Parks said. “The healing process wasn’t too bad after the loss since my mind went to preparing for next year.”

Parks participated in the Eastern Iowa All-Star Game last Tuesday, the only West High Trojan to do so, where he not only played but excelled as he won the MVP award. Parks competed with fellow stars like Wahlert’s Cordell Pemsl, Pleasant Valley’s Will Carius, and Linn Mar’s Jared Printy, among others.

“It was great [playing with those guys],” Parks said. “We have a lot of great talent all across the state, so playing with some guys that are dominant for their team was really fun.”

Parks has an inner drive that has not only propelled him to succeed as a Trojan, but as an All-Star.

“I am a competitor,” Parks said. “I have the will to win and my fuel, when I am on the court, shows.”