POTUS-tively terrifying

Get into the Halloween spirit by etching a pumpkin of your favorite presidential candidate or past president!


Simran Sarin, Print Editor-in-Chief

Follow these simple steps:

1. Cut out a template of your choice, leaving ~1/2 inch border around it

2. Tape the template onto your pumpkin

3. Using a thumbtack, pierce the pumpkin along the black borders of the template

4. Remove the template, leaving behind a dotted outline of where to etch your pumpkin

5. Using linoleum cutters, wood chisels or a razor, etch away the surface of the pumpkin, without directly cutting the pumpkin

Pro tip: Be sure that you’re scraping away the areas that are black to create your masterpiece. Post your work on Instagram with #WSSetch for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account.