Pandemic Photography?


It was such a beautiful yet awfully quiet day in the neighborhood, Once I took the picture i saw that zig zags formed on the hard gray concrete roads.

My dad Muawia Musa, 50, is putting on his mask so he can go outside. Cleary he is dying inside.
Bored as ever, I am getting ready for my 2nd online class of the day.
My little sister Talia Musa 9, gets done with school and gets straight on her IPad. oh how 2020 has changed us.
Ms.Whittakers class are planning for a new project that is top secret.
It was a warm spring day at West high, when I caught some students getting to class for another 5 hours with their mask on.
Spring comes along and with it, the most beautiful mix of blue and purple skies colliding for this satisfying photo. See 2021 isn’t really that bad


2020 has been a tough year for all of us. Many of the things we talked about in 2020 and even now all relate to the pandemic, because that’s pretty much all we have done. At the same time, it’s given us opportunities to learn new things in our homes like cooking, art, and dancing. For me it was photography, and with the pandemic going on, I didn’t really have much space to really learn about until now.

Luckily I had a creative mind and an empty city.  On March 28, I went outside to be met with the most beautiful purple and blue sky and started shooting. The day before that, it was very rainy so when I went outside, the solid concrete streets were filled with the coolest reflective rain puddles that I have ever seen. It was so wet that my feet felt like deep oceans. I remember seeing a bunch of birds just flying around. I wanted to capture that moment but my camera died and I just started laughing so hard.

Although I was alone, I was able to meet a lot of new people. I was about to head into Ms. Wwhittaker’s classroom at West High when I bumped into some students who went to Wwest, and we took some photos in the hallways and had a great time. It was great to finally see real people and having a conversation with them. In room 115, I entered Ms.Whittaker’s classroom while her yearbook class was working on a new project, and Ms. Whittaker gladly allowed me to take some photos of her and the class.

Overall, this project has taught me a lot of things. It’s not like saying that, “ oh I’m really good at photography” or anything like that, but I’ve realized how much one photo can tell you.  It’s like a story but with one page, and that one page can speak a 1,000 words just by looking at it. It’s a whole new level of art. Like whenever a photographer takes photos of people or just wildlife, they try to express and give you a feeling when you look at a photo. Whether it’s being happy or mad, that photo still made you feel something.  Nevertheless, I find myself appreciating these artists in the story they are trying to tell. these stories. Even if we are in a pandemic, they can still paint the whole story of 2021.