Freshmen’s opinions


A new school year means brand new freshmen. Coming from North Central and North West Junior Highs, these students are just learning the ropes of West High. Some are scared and nervous, but others are thriving. Here are a few of their opinions on West High so far.

“West High is different because of the amount of people, the size of the building, the diversity among the different ages, races, and social backgrounds.” –Anu Tiwari ’16

“West High is… big.” –CeeCee Sheng ’16

“The upperclassmen don’t really scare me, but a few of the teachers can be a little intimidating.” –Lauren Gray ’16

“There are so many things to do and a lot more people.” –Paige Brazina ’16

“The size of the school, passing times, and getting from class to class are different from junior high.” –Joe Koburna ’16

“West High gives more freedom and more responsibility.” –Rachel David ’16

“Certain teachers here are intimidating.” –Ioana Cherascu ’16

“I have found ways to get involved at West through volleyball and FCA.” –Anna Mabry ’16

“I really like it here, it is fun and exciting.” –Rachel David ’16

“I am waiting for the club fair to choose a club.” –Paige Brazina ’16

“West is much bigger than North Central.” –Anna Mabry ’16

“It is not that intimidating for me; not much phases me.” –Anu Tiwari ’16

“I think it’s a great school, since all the staff are more or less pretty nice, and I haven’t gotten beaten up by any angry upperclassmen yet, so that is good.” –Cee Cee Shang ’16

“I really like how there are many options for extracurricular activities at West. There’s something for everyone depending on their interests.” –Lauren Gray ’16

“It’s a really good school.” –Joe Koburna ’16

“Eventually I would like to be on the West Side Story.” –Ioana Cherascu ’16

“Some of the teachers here are scary.” –Anna Mabry ’16

“One of the best schools in the state, and I am happy and excited.” –Paige Brazina ’16

“It’s a very good school, and I am honored to be able to attend such a well-defined establishment. With such a wonderful reputation, who wouldn’t want to attend?” –Anu Tiwari ’16