Fashion Friday: Lauren Dunkelberg ’14



Compiled by Megumi Kitamoto

Photos by Shirley Wang

Whenever Lauren Dunkelberg ’14 walks down the hallways, her bright colors, matching necklaces and cute accessories definitely warrant a second glance. The aspiring fashion designer talks with the WSS about her passion.

West Side Story: Who are your fashion icons?

Lauren Dunkelberg ’14: [I look up to] Chiara Ferragni. She is a shoe designer, and I like looking at her clothing ideas. My dad has also had a big influence on me. We have a bond over fashion, and I always get his approval before I leave because he gives really good advice.


WSS: Where do you shop?

LD: In town, I shop at Catherine’s Outlet, Nory and Francesca’s. There is also an online shop called which I really like. My favorite designers are Christian Dior, Victor and Rolf and Alexander McQueen.


WSS: Describe your style.

LD: I tend to dress classy and girly, and I prefer skirts over pants. My go-to style is a dress because it is convenient and you do not need to pick things that go together. In the winter, I wear a nice top and thick woollen leggings. My style has changed over time because I have become more conservative in terms of showing skin.


WSS: What are your future plans?

LD: I am going to a school for fashion, and I am debating between three schools [Columbia College, Fidum Institute and Pratt]. I decided this after I took classes at Columbia College. My dream is to open my own shop somewhere with other people’s designs, but sell some of my designs as well. My parents have been really supportive of my choices.