10 last minute Halloween costumes


Morgan Schmitt-Morris, Circulation Editor and Designer

Are all of your friends going trick or treating? Do you have nothing to wear? The WSS has got you covered with these top 10 Halloween costumes that can be done in under 5 minutes.

10) Our first costume is “A Night In.” Take a look at the dots on the picture to see what you need for “A Night In.”

9) For this next one all you will need are some spoons and a cereal box. Boom! You’re a “cereal killer.” For added effect walk around creepily, whilst stabbing your box of cereal with a spoon.

Cereal Killer

8) Feeling nostalgic? Got a big teddy bear and some clothes that only little kids would wear? Great! Put on those clothes and grab that bear! Now you’re a toddler (add a tiara for “Toddlers and Tiaras”).


7) Ever seen one of those crazy tourists that buy the cheesy souvenirs and take pictures of everything? Now you can be one too! Scroll over the dots and take a look at what you’ll need to be a classic, annoying tourist.

6) Grab a friend for this one. One person can wear normal, everyday clothes. The other should put on all black and mimic the actions of their friend. Together you form a person and their shadow!


5) Want a costume for under 25 cents? All you need for this one is a printer and some tape. Print out a quarter and tape it on your back for a “Quarterback.” Quarter

4) Grab that printer again. Create “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” circles and use tape to attach them to your stomachs. If you have some funky hair put that on too! Go for a theme if you can. In our case we decided to be “Hawkeye Things.”



3) Got some socks lying around? Underwear right out of the dryer? Tape it on your face! Tape it everywhere! You’re static cling! (For additional static cling rub a balloon on your head or attach them to you).



2) Want to show off your intelligence? Put some Smarties on your pants and grab a big book (and some glasses if you’ve got them). Go show them your brilliance, “Smartie Pants!”



1) Let your musical passion shine and cut out some P’s from construction paper. Add some black makeup to your eye (or a cut-out circle). Get together with friends to form “The Black Eyed Peas.” (Don’t forget to strike a rocker pose).

Black Eye Peas   Compiled by Morgan Schmitt-Morris and Lexi Shaffer