Meet the girls varsity bowling team

Meet the girls varsity bowling team and learn what they have to say about their sport and what they want to accomplish this season.


Asha Irani, Videographer

“I’m hoping that the team makes it to state this year. Our bowlers have [substantially higher] averages than we have had in past years, so I think we have a pretty good shot to make it as a team,” Ashley Bys ’17.
“This year I’d like our team to break some sort of record; I think we have it in us. I want to finish my senior year really strong,” Brittnee Price ’17.
“Bowling may not seem like the most interesting sport, but bowling on a team is one of the most fun things I’ve done in high school so far. Meeting people who are into the same stuff as you and getting to see and talk with them at practice is always a great time,” Alexie Little ’21.
“My goal for the season is to beat my previous high game. The season is still young, so I think it can be done!” Kalei Strabala ’17.
“I joined the team last year and wasn’t good at all; I didn’t bowl varsity in a single meet. I never would have thought that this year I could be one of the highest scorers on our team. Practice has really paid off!” Chloe Beckler ’18.