Fashion Friday: Angela Reis ’19

Sophomore Angela Reis shares her 70s and 80s inspired style with WSS.

Grace Christopher

Jessica Doyle , Podcast Editor

While many young people may try to distinguish their style from their parents, Angela Reis ‘19 finds herself seeking advice from her mother as a way to expand her 70s inspired style.

“[My style stems from] the 70s and 80s. My mom will help me out with some stuff I wear,” she said. “[I’ll ask] my mom, ‘Would you wear this? Did you ever wear this?’”

From retro stripes to denim jean jackets, Reis loves it all.

“I liked how it looked a lot more,” she said in comparison to the trends of later decades. “[I liked] the feel of it and the prints …. [I’m seeing more] stripes. A lot of stripes on a lot of things …. I like it. It’s pretty chill,” she said.

Reis tries to differentiate her style from that of others and shoots for what she describes as an edgy and more individualized style, gaining much of her inspiration from the music she listens to.

“At first [I listened to pop], so I was wearing generic [clothing]. [Now,] I really like rock, and 80s [music] … like the Clash.”

To achieve her desired edgy and retro look, Reis tends to shop at Forever 21 and thrift stores.

“My jean jacket is actually one [of my favorite thrift store finds] because I knew it’d be like $50 [at other stores] and so I went to [Stuff] and got it for like 20 bucks,” she said. “I get t-shirts there and … [I] rip them up and cut them [to] make them look better …. [I’ll] cut [them] into a crop top or even a crew neck.”

Aside from her jean jacket, Reis thinks the proper hairstyle is necessary for outfit completion.

“I wear a different hairstyle everyday. It definitely makes the outfit look more presentable, I guess, with just … making an effort,” she said, citing dutch braids as one of her favorite hairstyles.

While Reis is fond of some of the current hair trends, she tends to shy away from some pertaining to fashion.

“My least favorite trend is Birkenstocks … because everyone wears them. I hate socks with sandals,” she said. She does, however, favor fads that have been rebooted, including ripped jeans and stripes.

Reis’ style remains unaffected by the change in seasons, and finds it easy to dress for unpredictable weather.

“I don’t wear sandals …. I only wear sneakers … probably with leggings and a shirt with a sweater over it or a jean jacket. If it gets warm, [I] take it off …. What I wear in summer, I usually wear in winter too,” she said, explaining that she’ll layer a dress with tights for cooler temperatures.

Although Reis has had a fairly easy time coming out of her shell when it comes to fashion, she admits that there are times when she’s self-conscious about what she’s wearing, but turns to her peers for advice.

“I’ll ask a few people, ‘Hey what do you think of this?’ and if they say ‘no’, then most likely I’ll wear it, but not as often. But if I think it looks good, I’ll wear it,” she said.

Her advice to others who may be nervous when it comes to stepping out?

“…Just do it. Who cares if they judge? They’re going to judge either way …. Stand out a bit and do whatever you want.”