Liberty High newspaper staff distributes its first publication

‘The Live Wire’ staff distributes its first “We are Liberty” issue during AFT today.


Jasmine Bemine

The cover of the first volume and issue of the The Live Wire.

During AFT today, Liberty High School’s student paper, “The Live Wire”, distributed their first issue named We are Liberty.

The 20-page newspaper covers the opening of Liberty, as well as the staff and students that attend. There are also details on the building progress of the new school and a profile on the principal, Scott Kibby.

“We added a lot of our own touches to it to make it pop. I think all the designs are cool and some have lots of pictures and some don’t. It’s really cool for this being our first paper really,” said reporter Hayley Wojciechowski ’20 when asked about what can be expected of the design layout and pictures.

Co-Editor-in-Chief Jasmine Bemine ’20 explains why it took a long time for the first issue to come out.

“The website we were using to do all of our work on Jostens deleted many of the pictures we had and we couldn’t work on our spreads for 3-4 weeks due to a sizing issue,” she said. “I’m really proud of the paper because it took so long to do and finally, after a whole trimester, it’s out.”