Camera or iPhone?

Compare Apple’s newest product, the iPhone X, with a professional camera.


Ivan Badovinac

iPhone X vs Nikon D3300

Ken Wilbur, Podcast Editor

The iPhone is by far the most popular phone on earth, having sold 230 million copies in 2017 alone. However, the latest version of the device, the iPhone X, has an absurd $999 dollar price point that has many questioning the phones legitimacy. One of the most important features of the new iPhone is the dual lense camera, but how good is it really? We compared the camera on the iPhone with a Nikon D3300 to find out.

The iPhone X pictures are on the right and the Nikon D3300 pictures are on the left. The Nikon D3300 has a wider lens and takes wider pictures than the iPhone X but the iPhone enhances the colors more than the Nikon without editing. All the pictures above were taken at the same time, same place, and are all unedited pictures. Now it’s up to you to choose which one you like more.