April Fool’s Day: create your own story

On April Fool’s Day, it can be hard to come up with a good prank, so for fun, why not create your own story? All you need are some imaginative words. Simply fill out the boxes with the type of word suggested. For the best results, don’t read the story until after you fill out the blanks.


Used with permission from Creative Commons.

Fill in the blank stories became popular with Mad Libs, where people wrote in words pictured in the photo.

Reagan Hart, Reporter, Distribution Manager

The day started out perfectly normal until I found a(n)  in my cereal box. I knew exactly who had done it:  I didn’t know why they did it, but then I remembered. It was April Fool’s Day.  

I decided to get back at them. First I needed ideas, so I through the Internet. When I found the perfect one, I knew I would fill their car with bananas. They would never see it coming.

I went to the store to buy some bananas. I browsed through the store to find the produce section, but quickly realized I couldn’t find it.

“Do you need any help?” asked a grocer.

“Yes, can you please direct me to where the fruits are?” I replied.

“Yes, it is right next to the ,” they replied.

I thanked them and continued on my way. I was so excited to find the bananas that I exclaimed

”. I bought all of the bananas that I could.

The next step in my plan involved distracting my target because I needed time to fill their car with the fruit. I proceeded to tell them that I needed help searching for my . They are always helpful, so they agreed, of course. I then snuck away with the excuse that I needed to go to . I left and grabbed my bags of bananas.

I got to their car and started to the bananas in the car. The plan would have succeeded if it wasn’t for the fact that they had anticipated my every move.

When I grabbed the handle of their car, I realized there was glue on it. I pulled on the car door and the alarm went off. It sounded like a(n) .

I was mortified. My bags of bananas scattered around me and I was stuck to the car. I thought, how could my life get any worse?. Then I heard a sound. I looked up.

A pail of paint and another of fell on my head. My former target showed themselves.

They yelled, “ April Fool’s!”