West wins tight game

The girls basketball team narrowly defeated Prairie, 55-53, on Friday, Nov. 30.

For Audrey Koch ’21, it can be considered a breakthrough performance.

Just a sophomore, Koch led the defending state champions to victory against Cedar Rapids Prairie, scoring a total of 23 points.

“Going into the game, my goal was to be more aggressive,” Koch said. “It was exciting to lead in scoring, but the only reason that was possible was because my teammates did such a great job getting me open and getting me the ball.”

One of these teammates was point guard Lauren Zacharias ’19. A first-team all-tournament selection from the state championships last year, Zacharias led her team in controlling the ball for the last 76 seconds of the game, at which point the teams were tied at 53.

“Honestly I didn’t know what I was going to do,” Zacharias said of her mindset going into the last possession of the game. “I legitimately looked at [Coach] Mayer the entire last minute and 16 seconds. I was going to do whatever he wanted me to at that point.”

After passing the ball around—and narrowly maintaining possession of it a few times—for over a minute, Zacharias went up for a shot with just seconds remaining on the clock.

“I saw the opening around eight seconds left on the clock and went for it,” Zacharias said. “[I’m] just happy we got the dub and are excited for games in the future.”