Star Wars Day

Today is May the 4th, the annual Star Wars Day. To celebrate the occasion, WSS has compiled a plethora of information and fun facts related to the renowned saga.


Rain Richards

In honor of the late Peter Mayhew.

Every year on May 4, millions upon millions of fans of all ages and generations across the world take the time to celebrate the existence of the prevalent Star Wars universe. The series, which currently consists of 10 films (8 from the main saga and 2 solo stories), has become as well-known as can be. Having lasted for multiple centuries with no indication of slowing down anytime soon, Star Wars is widely considered to be one the biggest pop culture phenomenons of all time. The date of celebration is based around a saying that has been used repeatedly in the films: may the force be with you. Eagle-eyed fans took this renowned saying and realized it sounded like ‘May the fourth’, and thus the annual occasion began. To commemorate this yearly occasion, here are two graphics with information relating to the Star Wars universe.